Yay – we can dance again

How good is this! From today at 6pm we don’t need masks in retail, although they still need to be carried for public transport and ride sharing. There will be greater seating in restaurants, cafes and other entertainment areas and 75% capacity at AFL football games, but let’s not be too cavalier, we still need to be mindful that there is still a pandemic in play. But the best news is – we can dance again!

It is so exciting to be publishing this magazine again, especially with a terrific new look.

Like so many Covid hit us hard too and we agonised over whether we would/could revive the print magazine or go completely online.  However, what we discovered through our forced inaction, was how much we missed producing Secrets and that people missed us. 

In this issue we have some interesting stories and pay tribute to a lot of clever and brave people who through resilience, sheer grit and determination stuck it out. A number have expanded their businesses, while others have actually opened new businesses and they are reaping the rewards.  Many have told us that they are doing well – in fact, better than they were before Covid.  The spirit of Victorians is phenomenal. Through the darkest days and we all know what they were like, most didn’t lose hope and retained a belief that “this too will pass”.  It has also been gratifying to see how the public are “buying local” and moving around the regions supporting local businesses being very aware that once the doors close, towns close too. 

As restrictions loosen and we move around with more freedom, there is a greater optimism in the air.  Smiles have returned that we can now see without masks.  So we move forward toward recovery and that recovery can only be good for everyone.  All our towns and beyond need to not only survive, but thrive – it isn’t going to happen overnight, but nothing worthwhile does. Look for your copy of Secrets from 31st March.

Garden & Art Exhibition from this weekend

The Mica Grange Autumn Art and Sculpture Exhibition begins this weekend. With the easing of restrictions, the timing is perfect to allow more people to fully enjoy this remarkable property. On each weekend (including Easter Monday) the exhibition runs until until 25th April. The opening features sculptors from Victoria, South Australia and regional NSW, plus a vast range of garden art, plants and preserves.  Visitors can indulge in very tasty morsels served in eco friendly boxes and coffee cups. Learn more here

Our dancing penguins in the opening image comes from the Ballarat Wildlife Park – such a great place to visit anytime of the year.

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