The Pyrenees – it doesn’t get better than this

The Pyrenees has it all. At just over two hours easy drive from Melbourne and an hour from Ballarat and Bendigo, the Pyrenees offers superb wineries, stunning scenery, inspired walking tracks, picnic areas, camping grounds, delicious food and so much more.  A visit to the Pyrenees is an adventure, a place where you can explore and indulge your senses.

If you’ve ever deserved a break, this is the year to make it a good one.  Moving beyond one of the most challenging years we can remeber and as we see life slowly, but steadily moving toward a greater state of normal, it’s time to look toward time away for a weekend or longer.  Your break will be made all the more memorable when you head for a region filled with all things wonderful – that region is the Pyrenees.  And the Pyrenees in autumn is stunning.

If camping is part of your DNA, you have choices here. Escape the crowds by picking a secluded campsite within Mount Cole, Mount Buangor or the Pyrenees State Forest.  Each basic campsite has non-flush toilets, wood fired BBQs and a healthy dose of nature.  If however, you prefer a few more amenities, Avoca and Beaufort caravan parks may fill the bill, or if you don’t wish to compromise on comfort, consider Cave Hill Creek Glamping tents – they take camping to a new level.

And what about bushwalking.  It’s one of those hidden secrets that the Pyrenees has an extensive network of walking tracks, all beautiful and easily accessible.  Mount Cole and Mount Buangor Parks are filled with lush green rainforests with stunning views, fern filled gullies and offer scenic walking trails that are dwarfed by giant ferns and towering trees.  We think the secret may just be out now.

Picnic anyone?  The Pyrenees has several parks, forests and meticulously maintained gardens, which means you’re spoilt for choice for idyllic picnic spots.  Consider the Avoca Chinese Gardens hidden away down a small laneway overlooking the river flats.  Reflecting the Chinese heritage within the region, the gardens acknowledge the important contribution of early Chinese immigrants to Avoca during the gold rush era. 

The garden is filled with a mixture of plants and features a traditional Chinese pavilion.  Other picnic spots to consider include Avoca River Flat and Forest Gate Winery. Don’t worry about packing food and drink before you leave home as there are heaps of eateries to choose from in Avoca and Beaufort as well as other hidden gems dotted in some of the local vilages.

The region is renowned for its wineries and it’s worth making a plan for regular visits as you can’t take them all in over a weekend.  Most wineries embrace outdoor dining as well as offering cellar door tastings.  Imagine kicking back with friends, imbibing in excellent wines and enjoying delicious food while taking in the spectacular mountain landscapes.  It doesn’t get better than that.

You may know of the Pyrenees region, however you can only fully appreciate what this great region has to offer by visiting and making it a regular “go to” place on your recreation map.  You will love it.

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