The natural way to unwind

The Covid pandemic threw up a whole new concept for living that for many proved to be stressful. Lockdowns meant separation from family and friends, working from home, parents being teachers, Zoom meetings – it seemed that our lives were controlled by the internet.  Little wonder that so many suffered cyber overload.

There is a place where you can recover from those negative vibes.  Imagine no phones ringing constantly, just peace and quiet and communing with nature.  Banyandah Homestead Cabin on the Lake is a stunning farm, close to everything if you need it to be and yet private.  The beautiful bushland and lake encourage you to let go and relax, while at the same time, enjoy some physical pursuits like walking, swimming, kayaking.  Being pet friendly,  Banyandah Cabin on the Lake is very welcoming to your pet buddys.  Host Sue Quinlan loves her animals and knows that it’s hard to be separated from them, so when opening the cabin to guests, it was a natural progression to welcome pets as well. 

Sue says, “it’s great to see the dogs running free enjoying the space and guests often go kayaking with their dogs on board – it’s hard to work out who has the best time, the people or the dogs”.    

Sue and husband Peter have a wealth of experience gleaned from their own travels around the world and have an understanding of what people are looking for in their break away. 

The cabin is charming and unpretentious and exudes simple home comfort.  The wood fire says, ‘pull up a chair and sit awhile with a good book and glass of wine’.  When you can be bothered cooking, the kitchenette obliges and the gas barbecue gives you choices.

Everyone needs a break away that guarantees relaxation and the opportunity to unwind, blow away the cobwebs and regain that inner equilibrium that is so often challenged. 

Call Sue on 0448 015 842 or visit – you won’t be sorry.

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