Talbot Farmers Market 15 Years On …

Talbot Farmers’ Market began quietly in 2004 as one of the earliest farmers’ markets in regional Victoria. The early markets were so well managed and promoted by the organising committee that it set a very high bar for those that followed and it still, fifteen years later, leads the way. Held on the third Sunday each month, over eighty stallholders sell seasonal fruit and organic vegetables, cheese, bread, wine, oils and all the things you would expect to find, reminiscent of celebrated European markets. Attracting around 1500 people each month, more in fine weather, the market has brought new life to this very quiet small town that has seen the development of a popular cafe/restaurant, revitalised buildings and new residents making Talbot home. 

The market has always had a fun atmosphere that is almost carnival like and the stallholders love to engage and chat with visitors. Because the roads in and around the town are closed on market day, it is very easy to park the car, grab the bags and stroll around the streets that also boast some beautiful buildings harking back to Talbot’s gold history. Buying seasonal produce direct from the makers is good for everyone, the buyers, the farmers and makers and the town. This is a true community driven market from which many local groups have benefited by sharing in the profits made from the funds raised. Another good reason to visit. 

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