New Boots offers good cheer

At first glance Newstead , a town with a population of only 572 people would appear to be a little backwater of no consequence, but that’s where you’d be wrong.

This is a town that is full of surprises.  A colourful history, a strong arts community and a music festival that attracts performers from around Australia and overseas and that’s only the start.

Newstead is also home to New Boots Café.  Established by well-known Newstead identity, Lou Brown, it can be argued the café is a reincarnation of the original Boots Café created by Lou a few decades ago in what used to be the boot factory.  From there she moved on to another Newstead eatery – Dig Café and a couple of others in the region until a work accident incapacitated her for five years.  But you cannot keep a good woman down, particularly one who has hospitality built into her DNA – hence  New Boots came into being.

The café caters for all tastes – meat eaters, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. 

Lou says, “we tailor our range for everyone and we are sticklers for ensuring all ingredients are fresh and wholesome.”  Asked about how she coped with Covid, Lou said, “it was hard, I didn’t apply for any Government assistance, so it was a balancing act to get through, but we have and each week we see a pick-up in trade.  The only problem we’re having at the moment is finding staff.  I want to get out of the kitchen and need a good chef .“

Dining at New Boots is aesthetically appealing from the timber lined interior to the delightful courtyard – perfect for the beautiful days the region offers up throughout autumn.  Lou has applied for a liquor licence and includes music events and comedy nights in her future plans.  At this stage New Boots is open Thursday to Sunday 8.30am to 4pm.  0492 867 319

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