From PR to Peanut Brittle

It’s easy to see that Greta Donaldson, owner and operator of ‘Bendigo Brittle – Gold for Your Gob’ has a background in Public Relations.  Her eye catching presentation cart, decorated in black and pink made me stop to chat to her at a local market a year or so ago.  However, with Covid lockdown and the cessation of markets I hadn’t come across her for some time, so it was an absolute delight to receive a gorgeous presentation box of her brittle in the mail. 

The move from PR to gob smackingly good brittle is a stretch in anyone’s book.  PR is a demanding career and after some years at the top of her game, Greta found that she couldn’t sustain the pace and needed a distraction.

So she started making candles while living in South Melbourne.  The hobby grew to where her family became involved and eventually took over and built their own small business.

Still looking for that ‘light bulb’ moment, Greta moved to Bendigo, originally for twelve months, but it has now become home. Then came the idea to start baking – not a natural transition, however both parents were bakers and both grandmothers, Meryl Donaldson and Norma Roulston were always baking.  Greta said, “I tinkered with my Grandma Roulston’s brittle recipe to create my brittle-brittle, Bendigo Brittle treat.”  Greta decided to get involved in providing something special for Christmas.  She made some peanut brittle and shortbread – the shortbread failed, but the brittle was a hit.  It became such a favourite with everyone, it came to be the “go to” gift.

The next step was to establish the brand.  Greta attended TV presenter, Gorgi Coghlan’s fortieth birthday party, where she met designer, Mardi Featherstone who came up with the elegant packaging that is so recognisable wherever it’s sold.  The next step was to develop a lightweight cart that could fit inside her car and make life easier at the markets.  By researching the internet, the right cart was found, which is lightweight, fits into the car and is put together with a simple allen key. 

I love doing markets and I found out that the more people you meet and talk to, the better for your business”.  That’s the Public Relations lady kicking in …  Asked how the Covid lockdown affected her business, Greta said “becoming known through the markets paid off.  Through the Pandemic Bendigo Brittle developed a wholesale side.  

Moving to Bendigo was the best thing I ever did.  It’s a town that looks after its own and I have been supported in so many ways, especially through Bendigo Business and Bendigo Tourism.

Life is very full for this independent, driven business woman who in her spare time, is filled with exercising, gardening and now Tai Chi.  To find out where to get Bendigo Brittle and to buy online, visit

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